What can I expect at Light Up Columbus on April 18?

This race will start in the dark, but be ready to light up the night with your BLUE glow necklace you will receive at registration as well as your brightest clothes and anything that glows! Bring your family, your pets, anyone who likes to glow. Be ready for an awesome, fun, exciting atmosphere, with lots of BLUE light…lots of glow….and a professional, timed, well marked course. You’ll see glowing volunteers throughout your course with reflective vests that will help you stay on course in the dark. You’ll come into the finish in Uptown Columbus to a popular JOURNEY cover band, Departure.

What should I wear?

Glowing running clothes? If you are coming to run for time, realistically, you might use glow that you can comfortably run in. Maybe around your wrists, in your hair, etc. Be CREATIVE and be BRIGHT! We love to see awesome, creative costumes. If you are coming for fun, then deck yourself out head to toe and ROCK your glow! If you have a stroller, we hope it is so bright we can see it from a mile away. We are STROLLER STRONG MOMS putting this race on, after all!

Is there an age limit?

No! We don’t care if you are 8 or 80. If you are capable of running, walking, strolling or jogging the 1k/5k/or 10k, we want you to participate! Younger runners are encouraged to participate with an adult. Children 6 and older are required to have a race bib to participate. If your child is under 6, don’t worry about registering them, unless you would like to have a race bib, glow and the SWAG for your child!☺

Who does this race benefit? Where is my money going?

Great question! All of the proceeds of this race are going directly to Autism Speaks. We chose a national organization over a local one simply because there is so much Autism Speaks can do for the state of Georgia as a whole. Currently, they do a lot of

lobbying for insurance reform for Autistic children, which will allow these children to get the services they desperately need. They also do a lot of research, helping to discover why 1 in 54 boys have autism!

Will this race be timed?

YES! YES! YES! We are so excited that although this run is FUN, it’s also going to be a ‘real’ 5k/10k. MEANING what, exactly? There will be awards for age groups and overall, and your time will be recorded. You could get your PR (Personal Record) while you light up Columbus for Autism! The 1k is a fun, ‘show your support’ run, so it will not be timed!

Can I walk the 5k?

Sure! Come out, walk/run/jog…whatever you want to do! You can also do the 1k fun run which will be held around the median downtown (you will do several laps), which will be a fun environment as well! If you want the full 5k experience, feel free to join us as a walker!

Do I have to register my child?

Great question! No, children under 6 years old are not required to be registered! We are more than happy for your child of any age to register, get a race bib, and glow, and help us raise more money for Autism Speaks, but it is CERTAINLY not required!! Thanks for bringing your family to have fun with you!!

What kind of SWAG will I get in my race packet?

If you are registered for the 5k/10k we will be giving you your race bib with timing chip, a free frozen yogurt at sweet frog (not a coupon, a gift card), and your glow. This will vary (necklace, bracelet, flashing light, etc.) for each person. You will not get a timing chip (but you will get a race bib) if you are registered for the 1k.

What if I forget my glow sticks?

Well, you’re in luck, because you will get one glow necklace at registration and then you can purchase more (with all the proceeds going to Autism Speaks), if you wish!

Is there race day registration?

You can register on race day, but the price will be higher! If you register now until race day, you will be entered to win one of our awesome raffle prizes, so don’t wait! Just do it! You won’t regret it. But if you forget to register, come on race day! Packet pick up/registration will start at noon on April 18 and go up until about 15 minutes before race time!

If I can’t come, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we aren’t doing refunds, because this is such an awesome cause! Our race director’s son has autism, and we have so many others we know affected by this condition! 1 in 54 boys are diagnosed today. So we want answers, and we are so thankful you’re partnering with us to get there!

Why would this be more fun than another 5k?

We know you like themed races. So do we! But guess what? On Friday night, if you have colored corn starch all over you, you’re not going to want to hang out uptown. Instead, you will be decked out in glow and ready to party, enjoy good music, or simply hang out at Iron Bank or any of our local establishments. On top of that, all 5ks benefit a good cause, but with this cause hitting close to home for many of you (with 1 in 54 boys diagnosed with Autism), we hope you feel like you are making a difference in the life of someone you know by supporting Autism Speaks! You DO NOT want to miss this race!


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