Autism Adventure Travel: Sponsor Highlight


Autism Adventure Travel provides travel services to specials needs, such as Down Syndrome, ADHD, Wounded Soldiers, and of course, Autism. Their Travel services are provided to all ages, family sizes, and groups. Autism Adventure Travel brings specialists to help out special needs families on there vacations to make the vacation stress free.

Ashley became involved in AAT after her son Christopher was diagnosed with Autism at age 2. Autism Adventure Travel has been in the Columbus area since March 2013.

Autism Adventure Travel had its first mock flight at the Columbus Airport November 2013. They will have another mock flight in May 2014. 

The mock flight helps children with autism feel more comfortable with flying. Below is the mock flight schedule. 

Mock Flight Activities Schedule

4:15pm – Meet at Flightways Columbus

4:30pm – Tour of airplane, airport fire truck, and vehicles.

5:15pm – Columbus Airport

5:30pm – Ticket counter

5:45pm – TSA security check

6:00pm – 7:00pm – Banquet with gluten free food

Thanks Autism Adventure Travel! 

Ashley Berg, Autism Adventure Travel 941-979-2663


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