Demystifying The Friendly Skies


Blog post shared from: Julie Rivera (Photographer) 


I took my first flight when I was about 10 years old. Flying was the only way to get to Iceland, where my dad was stationed for two years with the Navy. I remember being awestruck by the size of the plane, the lights, the cockpit, the loud engine noises.

I can only imagine how overwhelming all those sights and sounds would be to an autistic child. Thankfully, Ashley Berg, owner of Autism Adventure Travel and mother of an autistic son, is aware of this difficulty and is eager to help families overcome any hurdles to travel.

Her company hosted the first Mock Flight at the Columbus, Georgia Airport, allowing families with special needs children to tour an airplane, experience flight check in, walk through the TSA security check point and see where passengers board the planes.

Just as I was so many years ago, the children were excited, wide eyed and thrilled with the experience. Hopefully this will help open doors to travel for each of these families, for I can think of no one else more deserving of a vacation! 

Read the rest of the blog post here: file://localhost/Users/MstAvi8r/Desktop/demystifying-the-friendly-skies-columbus-ga-photographer.html

Visit Autism Adventure Travel’s website here:



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