Lindsay Platky: From Zero Interest to Hooked on Running

My running journey is a very new chapter in my life and truly starts with my introduction to Stroller Strong Moms. Before SSM, I had been active most of my life, but running had eluded me. I had zero interest in running for pleasure and thought my abilities were better suited for other forms of exercise.
In 2012, an Army move brought my husband and I, and our soon to arrive baby boy, to gorgeous Savannah, Ga. A friend stationed at Ft. Benning told me about SSM and in September, at 8 weeks postpartum, I was anxious to meet some mama friends and shed the baby weight. I found so much more.
The New Year’s Get Fit Challenge was a game changer for me. I lost 9 pounds from my pre pregnancy weight and increased my strength and speed ten fold! In March I finally participated in my first race with SSM. To be honest, I was in it for the pretty tutus and a fun Friday night, but I surprised myself by beating my goal time by 3.5 minutes!! I WAS HOOKED!!
I have since completed six more races with my SSM family and have cut my 5k time from 23:37 at the March Shamrock Run to 19:31 at the September Tunnel to Towers Race. Interestingly, my husband has been in Afghanistan since February, and has completely missed this transformation. The other moms joke that they feel sorry for the man, as he is coming home to a SUPER competitive, driven and health conscious wife (no more junk food in the house, sorry babe!) – but I know he’ll be so proud of my accomplishments.
I am currently training for the Savannah Rock & Roll 1/2 Marathon with hopes of finishing under 1:40. I am thrilled at the prospect of running this race with the women that inspire me most. I have become super competitive in my running pursuits, and I hope that my drive, commitment and passion can inspire a few mamas to put on their sneakers and get out there. Before March, I had only run in two ‘fun runs’ in my life, and seven months later, I’m placing in each race I run. My best piece of advice for brand new runners is to allow yourself to step out of your mental and physical comfort zone. Running at your 5k pace should be a bit uncomfortable, your muscles are working hard to propel you forward. Don’t give up, because crossing the finish line is an amazing reward for your efforts. Hit the pavement, start today!!
I can’t wait to meet up with my SSM Columbus sisters in April as we all band together to Light Up Columbus for Autism. It’s going to be an epic evening!

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