Check Out Stroller Strong Mom Camille Reed’s Running Story


The first “race” I ever signed up for was strictly to support a nonprofit organization that I loved. Although I was active in softball and cheerleading growing up, my least favorite part of conditioning was running. So even though I thought I was participating in the “1 mile fun run” that fateful day in 2009, I soon realized I was in the 5k and surprised myself by SURVIVING.

Camille 2013_05_SSM Run Heroes Georgia-253

From there I was hooked! Two kids later, I’ve taken up running wholeheartedly as a way to clear my mind and to exercise with my babies (hello jogging stroller!). Since joining Stroller Strong Moms, I’ve completed numerous 5ks, 10ks, 2 half marathons and the Run Across Georgia relay. Currently, I am training for my first full marathon. Whenever I feel like there’s no way I can work up to and complete 26.2 miles, I remind myself how I had never ran more than 3 just a little over a year ago and that ANYTHING is possible with the proper training and support from those around you. For anyone who thinks, “I’m not a runner” or “It’s not for me”, get out there and start small. You will be shocked at what your mind and body is capable of overcoming. If the idea still scares you, find a cause that you’re passionate about and use it as motivation to sign up. Your money will serve a great purpose and you’ll have a great sense of accomplishment when you cross that finish line. If you are struggling during the race, reflect on who you are running for- this will inspire you to keep going. I enjoy setting goals for myself, while supporting worthy causes, such as Autism Speaks. Let’s LIGHT UP COLUMBUS for autism awareness and gain a healthy habit while you’re at it!


Camille Half MarathonCamille 2012_07_Strollers 80s 14

Camille GA


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