116 Days and Counting for Emily


I used to hate running. I was skinny and always more of the Yoga/Pilates type. I knew of people in my family who had “bad knees”, so I assumed that genetically speaking, I was doing myself a favor. After gaining 65 lbs in my first pregnancy, however, I changed my mind and bought a jogging stroller. I diligently did the Couch to 5K program and lost all the weight. Soon after, I got pregnant again and continued to run a few times a week. I joined Stroller Strong Moms at 30 weeks pregnant and was so inspired by the other women who were doing the same thing! Following their lead, I signed up for my first 5K race four months after my second baby was born and was overwhelmed by the electricity of the event. There were children running, pregnant women, people pushing strollers, elderly people,  but they all shared a LOVE for running. This was a new world for me and I became addicted that day.


Emily’s last mile in Columbus with fellow Stroller Strong Moms before moving to NY.


I began to sign up for every 5K and mud run I could get my hands on, just to feel that excitement again and again. I realized that I loved how free I felt when I ran. I could leave my screaming children at home and run into the sunset or the rain, sweating my troubles away, and all at once this become my single most effective coping mechanism for life. So when I came across an *article on CNN about Mark Covert, who had been running at least one mile a day for the last 16,075 days, I was absolutely intrigued. On May 6, 2013 I began to do the same thing. Since then, I have run while sick, run with scorpion stings on my toe, run while the rain was pouring so hard I couldn’t see, run on a treadmill in a hotel, through a cemetery, along the river, through the woods, with my children, with my family, with my friends, with people I just met, while drunk, in the pitch-black night with dogs jumping on me, and I have swallowed many bugs. It has only been 116 days and I know now that I will never stop. Sometimes it hurts and it’s almost always hard, but not once have I ever regretted it. 



Emily’s most recent daily mileage post (she recently upped her daily milage to 2 miles a day rather than one!




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